Erin Millsnorth*

LOCATION: MISSISSAUGA,ONTARIO CLIENT: DANIELS CORPORATION ARCHITECT: KIRKOR ARCHITECTS ROLE: STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SIZE: 23,15 &14-STOREYS STATUS: IN DESIGN The three buildings are proposed to have a combined gross floor area of over 822,000 ft2 comprised of residential, retail and commercial space. *Project led by Anthony Mirvish at previous firm

700 Bay*

An infill development with a new 32-storey  residential tower built alongside an existing 24-storey apartment tower sharing a  common podium with 5 levels of below-grade parking.  Five new floors were added to the existing apartment tower. *Project led by Anthony Mirvish at previous firm

135 Portland*

LOCATION: TORONTO, ONTARIO CLIENT: ADI DEVELOPMENTS ARCHITECT: CORE ROLE: STRUCTURALENGINEERING SIZE:16-STOREYS STATUS: IN DESIGN 16-storey residential development with ground level retail, 117 units and 1level of below-grade parking. In addition, the heritage-listed façades of the existing 2-storey houses along Portland Street are being retained and incorporated into the project. *Project led by Anthony Mirvish at […]

625 Church*

LOCATION: TORONTO, ONTARIO CLIENT: MANULIFE ARCHITECT: RAW ROLE: STRUCTURALENGINEERING SIZE: 58-STOREYS STATUS: IN DESIGN A proposed high-rise residential mixed-use development with an 8-storey podium that integrates a heritage structure and will include retail, office and amenity spaces. *Project led by Anthony Mirvish at previous firm

Distillery Ribbon Block31A*

LOCATION: TORONTO, ONTARIO CLIENT: DREAM ARCHITECT: KPMG ARCHITECTS ROLE: STRUCTURALENGINEERING SIZE:49-STOREYS STATUS: IN DESIGN Located in Toronto’s Distillery District, this mixed-use development will feature a 49-storey residential tower, over 4,000sqm of retail space and underground parking for more than 500 cars. *Project led by Anthony Mirvish at previous firm

462 Eastern Avenue*

LOCATION: TORONTO, ONTARIO CLIENT: GRAYWOOD DEVELOPMENTS ARCHITECT: DIAMOND SCHMITT ROLE: STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING & HERITAGE RETENTION SIZE: 9-STOREYS STATUS: UNDERCONSTRUCTION An elegant 9-storey residential redevelopment of the former Weston Bakery. Significant elements of the heritage structure will be integrated into the new building which will contain 307 units. Award: 2018 Condo Design Award *Project led by […]

Block20 – Distillery District*

LOCATION: TORONTO, ONTARIO CLIENT: DREAM ARCHITECT: HENNING LARSEN ROLE: STRUCTURALENGINEERING SIZE: 36, 39-STOREYS STATUS: IN DESIGN A housing development in Toronto that will provide 206 affordable housing units in two towers. Tower 1 will rise 39 stories while Tower 2 will rise 36 stories. The towers will also include commercial office space and two levels […]


Located on Toronto’s downtown waterfront,  Aqualuna at Bayside is comprised of two residential towers, 16 and 17-storeys, respectively. Award: 2019 Condo  Design Award. *Project led by Anthony Mirvish at previous firm

64-86 Bathurst Street*

LOCATION: TORONTO, ONTARIO CLIENT: HINES ARCHITECT: WZMH ROLE: STRUCTURALENGINEERING SIZE:20-STOREYS STATUS: IN DESIGN This mixed-use development consists of residential, retail, and commercial spaces within a 20-storey tower. *Project led by Anthony Mirvish at previous firm

140 Yorkville*

This mixed-use development standing at  30-storeys in height consists of residential spaces and 2-storeys of retail spaces at its base. The development also includes 5 storeys of below-grade parking. *Project led by Anthony Mirvish at previous firm